Automated You Doesn’t Have to Be a Bore

I talk a lot about automation. I just wrote a whole blog about tools you can use in order to make sure that your social media is chugging all the time. 

However, there is this worry that I hear periodically from clients that they won’t seem as personable if they are automating posts. 

I have a secret for you.

If you do it properly, no one will even notice you’re not posting that day. 

There are some tried and true rules when it comes to automating posts in a way that still seems natural. Let me let you in on a few of them. 

Be Honest. 

Tell your followers that the posts are automated. 

It’s really that simple. 

On Saturdays, I am pretty open about the fact I program posts. Using it as a way to enforce my “no working on the weekend” boundary and to give myself a much-needed break from screens. I blatantly say, “This is coming to you from past Cecily, thanks for programming my posts!”

I think as long as you’re still engaging with other users, posting stories, and working on your reels, programming posts ahead of time isn’t an issue. 

Make sure to wax poetic. 

Because you’re programming well ahead of time, feel free to get creative in your captions.

There are lots of reasons why, but the main one is that your followers like hearing from you. They like hearing what you have to say, the thoughts that shape your brand, the values that drive you as a business owner. 

Second? Instagram has started making captions searchable. That means if you write a long caption that includes keywords about your profile, anyone searching in the app can find your post. The same thing goes for Facebook and who doesn't like organic reach?

So when you’re programming your posts ahead of time, get creative and comfortable writing a lot.

Don’t duplicate your posts.

If you’re scheduling ahead of time, please do not auto-publish to Facebook from Instagram or vice versa. You really need to be posting separately on each social media platform. 

Not only does the algorithm prefer you post this way, but it also gives your followers a reason to follow you on both platforms. There’s no sense in duplicating your posts on Instagram and Facebook. Sure, use the same photo content. But change up your strategy for both. This includes writing unique content.

It can feel tedious changing things so slightly, but it’s worth it when it comes to seeming authentic in your marketing presence. 

Plus, it's really clear you're taking shortcuts if you say "link in bio" on Facebook.

Slip in some personal posts. 

You won’t throw off your aesthetic if you add in a live post every now and then. Feel free to add in a personal post to seem just a little more human. A selfie, a quick story, a video showing a crazy day. Anything at all so that you’re present. 

Seeming authentic on social media is genuinely hard sometimes, especially when you're representing your brand. Just always keep in mind what you stand for as a business owner and remember that things don't always need to be perfect. I say it all the time, but posting something that's a bit flawed or boring is better than posting nothing. Dust yourself off and do better next time.

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