How to Get Comfortable on Camera

I’ve heard it before, “I want to post more, but I hate taking selfies.”

If you look at my feed, you hardly see a selfie too. I struggle with the same thing!

However, it’s been proven that when your followers see a face (think cute puppy, you wearing your own clothes, presenting your products etc.), they’re much more likely to engage. Take a look right now! I bet your most popular posts have your face in them!

If you’re not quite there yet, here are some tips that you can use to get comfortable in front of your camera. 

Start doing it more! That’s the most annoying tip I can give you, but that’s one of the easiest ways to get comfortable. Get used to looking into the camera and not yourself in the viewfinder. Get your lighting right, get comfortable with your words. Know what works and what doesn’t, what makes you feel comfortable, what angles make you good about yourself. At some point you’ll be able to turn the camera on, talk and post. 

Don’t be afraid to filter. I want to preface this by saying, you don’t need to feel badly or insecure about your natural face. Social media isn’t about being perfect anymore, it’s about being authentic. That being said, if you aren’t comfortable without a filter don’t feel bad about that either! Find a filter that makes you feel pretty (or handsome). If your video is silly, pick a silly filter! Everyone uses one, find the one that you like. 

I personally use a filter, just because it makes me feel more confident. Don't feel bad about admitting that!

Act like it’s a conversation. You wouldn’t stare at yourself during a conversation, so why are you looking at yourself in the viewfinder. It is one of the most awkward mistakes us newbies make when hopping on screen. It is extremely noticeable and makes people feel like you’re not focused on the video. Look directly into the camera when you speak! 

Quick tip: put a little sticker next to the camera on your phone that focuses your attention to that corner of the device. Make a conscious effort to keep eye contact with that sticker. 

Remember that everyone feels weird the first couple of times. I remember when I first started my business I did a series of videos about marketing tips and tricks. They were incredibly awkward for me to film. I felt like I was talking too quickly, my lighting was off, the sound was weird. They lacked the polish of a professional video and I just was worried about how I was coming off to people. 

This is normal. We all feel like that. 

For the first few videos, do what you need to do to feel comfortable. If you have to film in your car so that no one can see you, then do it. If you can only film when your significant other can’t hear you, then schedule that with them (I personally cannot film a video if Taylor can hear me). Focus on you and focus on the process. Eventually you won’t feel as weird when you film. 

No one is criticizing your looks, and if they are then you don’t need to worry about them. One of the most heartbreaking things I hear from business owners is that they don’t feel they’re pretty enough to be plastering their face all over the internet.

At the end of the day, you rock. You’re a superstar business owner, committed to the process. You’re working on growing your brand, growing your business, and being successful. If someone focuses on your looks, then they’re not the kind of customer you value anyway. 

Remember, getting on camera and being the face of your brand is like showing off one of your most favourite passions. It’s telling people about yourself, showing off your hardest work. When you focus on the work and do what makes you feel comfortable, getting on camera will be the easiest thing you do all day.

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