How to Use Your Voice... On the Internet

So you’ve figured out your brand voice. That’s a big step, so congratulations!

(Read How to Decide Your Brand Voice here)

Now how do you use that in your digital marketing strategy.

Sometimes when I write things people say, “I could practically hear your voice when I was reading that.”

That’s a good sign. It means that whatever I’m writing for my audience is genuine and comes off that way too. But how did it get this way? The short answer is a lot of practice. Here’s how you can start finding your brand voice:

Start writing more.

Of course, the first tip is the most obvious (and annoying). But, the more you use your writing voice, the more genuine it becomes. Just like any skill, communication gets better the more often you do it. Writing a blog, the copy for your newest advertisement, or an instagram caption are all just forms of communication. The more often you write, even if you don’t share it, the stronger your brand voice will become.

Write short messages. 

If you’re not used to writing blogs or longer copy, try starting with tweet sized messages. Short and sweet. Maybe Instagram captions to start, before moving over to Tweets. When you’re comfortable with one tweet, try making a thread. Practice finding using that voice sentence by sentence, until it comes second nature in a longer piece.

Stop editing so much. 

You’ll never perfect your brand voice if you keep editing it out. Write something just like you would say it out loud and then physically walk away from it. The next day, come back and read it out loud. If it reads properly, isn’t too inflammatory to post and will provide your audience with valuable information related to your business, then post it! If there is still something off about it, workshop the parts that don’t read well and try again.

Eventually, through some practice, you’ll be able to hear your own voice in your written business content. Still have questions about all of this? Do you need an unbiased opinion on your content? Email us and we can take a look. 

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